CorelDRAW X4 Crash on Startup

I had a fresh install of CorelDRAW X4, and each time I tried to start it, it would crash. After some searching through Google, I found the following fix.
  1. Open the folder C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Programs\UIConfig\CorelDRAW
  2. Edit DrawUI.xml
  3. Find the line <dockpage guidref="bc1e2f70-3b58-41cd-8406-aaa550482972" visible="true" selected="true">
  4. Change visible="false" and remove selected="true"
    <dockpage guidref="bc1e2f70-3b58-41cd-8406-aaa550482972" visible="false">
  5. Save and close DrawUI.xml
  6. Fold down F8 and restart CorelDRAW X4
  7. When prompted to update settings, select OK
That did the trick for me. Apparently it is caused by a conflict with MFC dlls that are installed (version 1833) with SQL2008.


ice-9 said…
I'm so glad to find your helpful tip. Worked for me, too. Thanks!
mnlopes said…
Thanks a lot, Chris!
Worked for me, too.
Don't forget to do the same with
Photo-Paint (PPUI.xml).
Hugo said…
It worked for me just fine... Thanks from Brasil!
Unknown said…
You Rock. Thank you very much. It is now working because of your help.
Unknown said…
You Rock. I finally got it to work because of this blog. Thanks a bunch.
Danilo said…
You're right! Thank you very much from Italy.

And for Corel Photo-Paint X4 I suggest to do the same thing: in

C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Programs\UIConfig\Corel PHOTO-PAINT

open PPUI.xml and find the string

dockPage guidRef="1c56c2ec-07c1-46f0-baf7-441a555d595c"

it should be the only one with the word "selected" after "visible";
correct as you did for CorelDraw (change "true" in "false" and erase "selected=...");
Unknown said…
Do you think that fix would work with Corel 11?
It does the same thing.
Unknown said…
Can that work with Corel 11?
CHRISdotTODD said…
I really have no idea, but it's worth a try.
Umesh Wakalekar said…
hi, thanks this is umesh, that was good trick suggested by you, thanks, it worked for me, i had able do solve the problem because of you, in few minutes rather than that boaring x4 installation.. thanks again....
phooart said…
My Graphics Manager has always been complaining about Corel Draw X4 crashing with the invalid argument error msg.

I'll try and see if this is worth a shot. Thank you!!
Unknown said…
I ve got windows 7 x64, once I installed corel x4 it worked fine at first but when re opening it says installation not successful error 1.
can your solution apply to this?
CHRISdotTODD said…
I really have no idea. I would recommend you check with Corel and see if this version will work in a 64-bit environment.
Unknown said…
phooart, did you ever find a fix for that error message? I'm having a heck of a time with the same problem! Thanks!
phooart said…
Hi Alison,

I did manage to get rid of the error msg but I don't know if this was fixed by following the steps provided by CHRISdotTODD.

It was actually my graphics dept computer's that's having this problem. And coincidentally, the computer has Adobe Illustrator installed on it too.

What I did was, uninstalled the 2 graphics software. Reboot. Installed Corel Draw FIRST. Applied the fixes/patch/service packs. Then only install Illustrator second.

I don't know if there's something going on between Corel and Adobe ;) but I read somewhere this is the correct method to install if you're using 2 of the most popular graphics editing software available.

p/s: Wow, good thing I subscribed to the comments here. If not I won't be replying this to you Alison. LOL :-D
8WIN said…
it worked !!, you're the best
8WIN said…
it worked!!!, you're the best
Thank you for this blog, iv been having trouble with CorelDraw4x
launching for the past couple of days.

I did what you said, bam thanks and be blessed!!!!!!!
Unknown said…
Hi I have a Windows 7 32-bit laptop core i5 2.2Ghz every time I start Corel Draw x4 I get this error 1 that I need to reinstall it can u please help me this CHRISdotTODD doesn;t work on me HELP PLEASE
Unknown said…
This made my corel stop working all together now it won't open at all. Help how do I change it back to the original? I tried going thru program files and repairing it but still won't let it run.

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