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Tech Support Cheat Sheet

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Technology Is Great -- Workout While You're at Work

Ellen DeGeneres showed us just 2 weeks ago how far technology has come. Use the Hawaii Chair at work, and get in shape while you work. Don't believe it? Checkout Perfect USA where you can get the Hawaii Chair for under $300. If you bought this chair, I have a bridge for sale that you would be interested in.

Cool Firefox Trick

I ran across a cool trick with Firefox, which allows you to open Firefox within Firefox. There's no real purpose behind it, it's just a fun thing to do. Just enter this into the URL line of Firefox: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul

Ethical Hacking Sam I Am

The Ethical Hacker Network runs various competitions to help grow the education of the hacker community [not be confused with unethical "crackers"]. Recently they ran Netcat in the Hat, after an old favorite Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss . You do not have to be a hacker to enjoy and appreciate the humor behind it. Here is an exert from the instructions: The data stood still, And the packets did stay Sitting there in the N.O.C. All that cold, cold wet day. Our connection went down When the phone lines were cut By some dude with a backhoe, Gold tooth and beer gut. Far worse was that we Quite nearly were through With a large data transfer Straight from Kalamazoo more... Three winners were announced. This is from the Creative Category: That Netcat in the Hat he'd showed us his tricks, he'd showed us the what and the what makes it ticks. He'd given us knowledge, he'd given us plans, but he'd left us the work, that t

Geek Humor

I ran across this site, BBspot , that is full of geek humor: A good place to start is Top 11 Signs Your Computer Was Drinking Last Night .