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Video get-togethers with family and friends using Google Hangouts

Keeping in-touch with family and friends using the phone, SMS, or email is good, but with a video conference, you can have a great time together. There are several video conferencing solutions, some free, some fee (WebEx), and some restrictive (Apple Facetime). I've found Google Hangouts to be a great platform that nearly anyone can use. You can participate in a Google Hangout meeting using your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Join a Hangout As long as your device meets the requirements, just click the link sent to you by the organizer to join a Hangout. Google Hangout Requirements Must be started by someone who has a Google account. Camera (for you to be on video). Speaker. Microphone. App installed if you're using a mobile device (see below).  If you're using a computer, no additional software required -- it's just a website. Pro Tips Have an older computer that is missing some of these capabilities? Most of us have a smart phone that will work