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Portions of a PDF don't print

I recently have had two cases where a portion of a PDF file that I saw on screen didn't print. Both documents had inserted signatures among other things. When I opened the file in Acrobat and Illustrator, I could see there were multiple objects. It was some of the objects that were not printing. I figured I should be able to solve with Illustrator, but never came up with a solution using it. Back in Acrobat, I saved the PDF as a Word document. Then from Word, I created a new PDF. Now my new PDF was complete and it printed everything that I saw on the screen.

1 second color printers for home use

As displayed at CES 2009 , we should see color printers capable of printing in 1 second available for the home budget, this year. This is due to innovative technology from Memjet , the OEM sellers of Silverbrook Research ink jet printing innovations. Memjet is actually four companies focusing on four different markets: Memjet Home & Office, Memjet Labels, Memjet Photo Retail, and Memjet Wide Format. I might note before you read further, you might consider me biased (I don't think so) as my sister, after a long career with HP, works for Memjet Home & Office. Additionally, I spent over 9 years ('96 - '05) in the Tektronix/Xerox Phaser printer organization. According to the Memjet website: The technology will be available in products in 2009, starting with a 100mm printhead that will be used for Retail photo printing as well as Label printing devices. An A4/Letter printhead will be available by the first half 2009 with many variations of components and technology impro

Photos on the 'Frig

With the low cost of color ink jet printers, most of us have one. I like to buy the manufacturers photo paper and collage frames, to display some of the better pictures I have of my family. Often in this process I print more photos than end up in the collage; I've now found a use for those extra photos. Take your refrigerator magnets and tape them to the back of the photos. Now instead of the tacky magnets (or throwing them out), I have more photos of the family. Using a scissors, you can cut the magnets to place at either side of a larger 4 x 6 or, cut the photo to better fit the magnet.