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:-S What does that emoticon mean? O.o

Many of us are users of instant messaging (IM), whether through AIM (AOL), Yahoo! Messenger , ICQ (AOL), and even Sametime from IBM. We have also learned how to combine our IM clients into one interface using Trillian (Cerulean Studios) or Pidgin (open-source). But what we haven't learned is what do all the various emoticons (combination of symbols used to convey emotion in text) mean. Now you have no need to search further, as I have listed a few of my favorites here, and some links to sites that list several. Favorites: c^:3 mouse (:)-) scuba diver ((((your name here)))) hug (::[]::) band aid ~,~ napping @~)~~~~ rose or flower Emoticons Lists: Sharpened Glossary Wikipedia A word of warning: Be cautious of programs that will give you graphical emoticons for your IM and email, as many load spyware when installing and monitor your Internet activities.