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Create ringtones from your own MP3s

I found a great, free site that will take my mp3 music and create ringtones. With you can search for existing ringtones, upload your own mp3 or enter a URL of an mp3 or YouTube video. The ringtones should work with most phones including the iPhone. When you upload a file, it takes only a few minutes to process, and then you can select the music segment that you want converted to a ringtone. The one problem with the entire process is that you cannot play your uploaded file, so you need to determine on your computer or mp3 player the time mark to start and stop the clip. is able to process files so quickly because they only use the first 75 seconds of a clip, which should be fine in most cases. If you opt to use a YouTube file, the process takes a bit longer, but still works. Of course with YouTube, the audio is not likely to be as good as what you can get from an mp3 file. When the ringtone is ready to download, you can get it in mp3 format, m4r, (the iPhone forma

Real iPhone speed, not the commercial speed

As published on the Silicon Alley Insider , here's a video that compares the real speed of an iPhone against the speed you see in the iPhone commercials. In looking at the ad, Apple has clearly cut out much of the connection and load times. Now let's examine the reality of cell phone network speeds. As reported by tests done by Computer World , AT&T's network averaged download speeds of 755Kbit/sec. and average upload speeds of 484Kbit/sec. Computer World also included a 3 second network connection time. With this information, let's calculate the load time for an average 50kb page. Convert our download rate to Kb: 755/8 (8 bits in a byte) = 94.4 Kb/sec Download page time: 50 / 94.4 = 0.53 seconds Total time: connection time of 3 sec + download time of 0.53 seconds = 3.53 sec For us to really get the performance we have come to expect from our computers, it appears the issue right now is the connection times. We can grow our page sizes 6x (and many have) before the

3 iPhone Usability Tips

Tip 1: When the phone is locked, double-click the Home button to access your "iPod" volume, play/pause, forward, and backward features Tip 2: When the iPhone is unlocked (you're using it), double-click the Home button to get to your Contact Favorites Tip 3: ( Repeat from a prior post ) When apps are crashing, power your phone off and on or start and stop airplane mode

Fix crashing iPhone Apps

I discovered an easy fix to crashing iPhone Apps... turn Airplane Mode on and off or shut your iPhone off and on. By doing this, your iPhone re-establishes itself with the cell phone network. This reminds me of troubles I used to have with my old Sprint phone -- the longer I had it on, the more likely I would have problems with dropped calls. According to Sprint at the time, the cell phone needs to periodically re-establish itself with the cell database. This seems to have worked for me with the iPhone, as my crashes were always occurring when the iPhone was interacting over the network, such as trying to establish my location. Note that I have a first generation iPhone on firware 2.0.1. Let me know if this works for you or not.

Unable to call out on the iPhone

Update, 10:22 am PST: I am now able to make calls, receive email, and use the network. Update, 10:05 am PST : AT&T customer service confirmed that there is a major outage in Oregon and Washington and they are sending a technician out to fix it. They have no ETA on when it will be back up. This affects only the 2G network -- 3G is up and working. Update, 9:50 am PST : Still no change. No incoming or outgoing calls, nor access to any network functions. It's 9:00 am PST, just south of Portland, OR, and I am unable to dial out or receive calls on my first generation (firmware 2.0.1) iPhone. I confirmed the same experience with 3 of my co-workers. Data services are also down. I'll be looking for that credit on my next bill from AT&T.

iTunes and iPhone 2.0.1 spell disaster

Just a few nights back after work, following a fairly normal routine, I accepted the iTunes request for an update to 7.7. Upon completion and plugging in my iPhone, I was prompted to update the firmware to 2.0.1. Again, I accepted. During the middle of this process, iTunes crashed. Upon clearing the dialog boxes, iTunes restarted (my iPhone was still connected). Only this time, iTunes had nothing in it's library -- no music, no movies, no Podcasts -- nothing. And then looking at my iPhone, it was cycling between the Apple logo and an image of a USB plug and the iTunes logo -- my iPhone had become an iBrick. Wow! In a bit of shock, I tried closing and restarting iTunes, and I tried shutting down and restarting my iPhone. Neither one helped. Here I went from a few casual, routine updates to a lot of unplanned for, and really unnecessary rebuilding. First, i had to figure out how to un-brick my phone. The best I could come up with was some instructions posted on first tech blog

Cell phone induced cancer

The Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, released an advisory on Thursday July 24, 2008, encouraging people to change the way they use cell phones as a precaution against cancer ( PDF ). Recently I have become aware of the growing body of literature linking long-term cell phone use to possible adverse health effects including cancer. Dr. Herberman in particular cites concerns over children using cell phones, "Do not allow children to use a cell phone, except for emergencies." This was the first item of 10 precautionary guidelines to help you reduce the possibility of cell phone induced cancer. Other guidelines include using a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone over putting the phone up to your ear. Also worth noting, as mentioned as guideline 10, different phones have varying power levels that affect how much radiation is absorbed by the body ( SAR ). Guideline 10 encourages users to use the lowest possible SAR rated phone you c

3G iPhone follow-up

On Monday we learned about the new 3G iPhone : lower purchase price ($199 for 8MB version), GPS integration, longer battery life, and more. A lot of the buzz was around the lower price, but if you look at the total cost of ownership you will find out that it is actually more expensive. Over the 2 year plan with AT&T, you're going to pay an additional $10 per month for data ($240) and an additional $5 for SMS messages ($120). So instead of a total cost of ownership of $1815, you will pay $1975. For the additional features, the price is probably worth it. In comparing against other smart phones, the cost is competitive too. Gizmodo has a more detailed breakdown that includes phones from Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. Speaking of new iPhone features, Gizmodo also has an article that discusses the new video conferencing add-on for the iPhone. There has been discussion from the community over the missing, built-in video conferencing features, but as you can read about there is a l

New 3G iPhone

3G 8GB: $199; 16GB: $299 Available July 11th in 22 countries 2.8 faster than iPhone 1.0 on the Edge Network. Longer battery life GPS integration SDK Push email, calendar, ... Live contact searching Word, Excel, PowerPoint Bulk delete and move Save email images Enhanced calculator Asian language support, including character recognition MobileMe ( ) App distribution through cell network (less than 10MB), iTunes, WiFi, enterprise (intranet), ad hoc (up to 100 authorized phones) Tech Specs SDK / Apps article

RSS Reader on your Blackberry (or Windows Mobile)

I recently found a new RSS Reader , viigo , which works on my Blackberry . It's easy to install, and it just works. It comes pre-installed with some existing channels, which you can remove. You can also add more through browsing a list provided or by entering your own feed URL. You can also go to the viigo website and add feeds through their interface, including importing an OPML file. viigo also supports three aggregators: bloglines , Google Reader , and My Yahoo! . I find this a great way to keep up on news while waiting around, whether for a meeting to start or an appointment. No longer do I sit and be bored reading last years issue of Time or National Geographic ; I now have easy access to content I am interested.

iPhone -- June 29th -- Will you be switching?

I viewed Apple's iPhone demo on their website, and despite a few quirks, I'm hooked. As they say, their best iPod ever -- it sure looks that way. Of the many features , I'm not sure if it is the touch-screen controls, the great interface, or some of the nice features such as how voice mail and Google mail is done, but my next cellphone will be an iPhone -- that's assuming I can afford AT&T. If you're not sure, checkout the demo , I think it'll sell you.