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IE 9 Menu and Status Bars

In IE 9, the Menu and Status Bars are missing. In most cases, you can hit Alt and the Menu Bar displays. From here under the View Menu you can enable the Status Bar. In some cases, you may have an Add-On that intercepts the Alt key, so you have no access to the Menu Bar. If you can identify and disable the Add-On, then you can once again access the Menu Bar when necessary. For some of us, we either do not want to disable our Add-On and/or we want the Menu Bar to always to display. With a few Registry entries, you can do just that. Launch Regedit (Run: regedit) Find the following key:" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft" Right-click Microsoft and create a new Key Name the new Key "Internet Explorer" Right-click your new Key (Internet Explorer) and create a new Key Name this new Key "Main" Right-click the "Main" key and create a new DWORD Name the new DWORD "AlwaysShowMenus" Set the value of the new DWORD (AlwaysShowMenus) to 1