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Delete all objects in Excel

I recently copied hundreds of rows of data from a webpage into Excel. Unfortunately it brought over several unwanted objects, which I needed to delete.

It seemed quite consuming if I was to select and delete each individually. Worse I discovered that I couldn't select some of the objects (checkboxes). I learned two new techniques for mass deleting objects.

If you can select the objectsPress F5 -- this opens the "Go To" dialog boxClick Special... -- this opens the "Go To Special" dialog boxSelect the Objects radio buttonClick OK -- this closes the dialog box and all the objects in the worksheet are selectedPress Delete and all the objects are deletedIf you don't want all the objects deleted, first un-select those you don't want to lose.If you get a message "no objects found", then move on to the next method. For those objects that can't be selected For those that know how to create a macro, here's the macro:
Sub foo()Dim obj As ObjectFor…

RoboForm Extension not working in Chrome

RoboForm is one of those go-to programs that if it doesn't work in my browser, I don't use the browser. I became quite frustrated when RoboForm quit working in Chrome. I tried going into the Extensions manager to get any clues, and when I changed settings I got a pop up error message.

As it turned out, Chrome has a Windows 8 mode and a Desktop mode, and I was in Windows 8 mode. Apparently some Extensions in Chrome don't work in Windows 8 mode. I switched to Desktop mode, and magically RoboForm worked.