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Technorati Firefox Add-on / Technorati Claim

To claim a blog with Technorati , you need to create a post with some custom code -- Technorati Profile . Since I have moved off of Blogspot and onto my own domain ( ), I need to reclaim my blog. For those unfamiliar with Technorati, it's a site that tracks blogs. Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media... Technorati tracks these links, and thus the relative relevance of blogs, photos, videos etc. We rapidly index tens of thousands of updates every hour, and so we monitor these live communities and the conversations they foster. While I'm at it I thought, "Why not see if there are any Technorati Add-ons for Firefox ." Here's what I found: Technobar : displays Technorati linked websites to the blog you are viewing Technorati Search Engine plug-ins Rank Status Bar : displays the page/blog rank on Technorati Who is this person? : when highlighting a name, it will search Technorati and other

Technorati Help with Ping

I cannot beleive that it is so difficult or I am so stupid, but I cannot seem to get Technorati to update (ping) my blog as being refreshed. I signed up about 12 days ago, yet it says that my blog has not been refreshed in about 95 days. Is this the day I first started my blog? I suppose it could be. I added their little promo on the right nav, but that did not help. I followed their instructions for Blogger, which I already had set, but that did not help either. And of course I have tried their manual process now about a dozen times. Of course I cannot find even an email address for support. I found something else in the FAQ section on tagging links, but I am not sure I understand how that would help either. Here's the format: <a href="" rel="tag">iPod</a>. I will try adding the rel="tag" to the link about, and I guess we will see. In the mean time, any help would be appreciated.