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Cache clearing tricks for Chrome

 Don't you hate it when you need to clear your browser cache for one site or domain, and you therefore have to clear it for all? Well, you don't have too. You should be able to just hit SHIFT+F5 of CTRL+SHIFT+r (⌘ + Shift + r on a Mac) on a page, but it seems it isn't always effective. Here are 2 new approaches. Open the Developer Tools (F12) and then: Click and hold the Refresh button for a new menu.   Choose Empty Cache and Hard Reload. OR Click the Network tab. Check Disable cache . Reload the page. Extensions You can always use an extension to simplify the process, too, though most of the available extensions clear all cache, not just a specific domain.

Writing good titles

I originally created this PowerPoint in 2007 to assist knowledge base writers at my company. As I've worked at different companies and time has passed, I found that this presentation is still relevant.In fact, not only is it still relevant, but it's relevant to more than just titles -- it's relevant to the headings and subheadings in your documents, too. Many years later, I find myself still referencing these same principles, but I no longer need the presentation to speak to them. Instead I usually weave them into various discussions and make sure they get added appropriately to training and governance related materials. Here are a few take-aways. Your goal in writing article titles is to get your users/customers to click on the pages of relevance to their situation and to not introduce click fatigue because they've had to view so many articles to find the right one. We browse, we don't read. We did in 2007 and we still do. When viewing a list of search results, we