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Capture section of the screen with Office 2007

When I installed Office 2007, I was a bit disappointed to see a new Microsoft app installed without me realizing -- OneNote. It put OneNote in the system tray, with it running all the time. Further, it seemed very difficult to not have it auto-start and/or uninstall. I eventually explored OneNote a bit, and found one feature in particular I really like. Simply hit Win+S and you get a cursor to capture a region of the screen. The screen capture is saved to the clipboard, making it easy to paste into whatever application you may have open. You also have the option to have the screen capture save to a new unfiled OneNote, and either display the image or keep the focus on the current application. Other OneNote features include an audio recorder. You can also change the default settings for when you click the OneNote icon, including clicking to open the screen capture function. So I'm still not happy with how it installed itself, but I am happy to have discovered the screen capture appl