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Simple notification script for Google Sheets

UPDATED: May 19, 2017
I changed the script to be more user-friendly and the ability to include HTML in the email body. I also found that Google moved a few things in the menus, so I modified the instructions as appropriate.

Google Sheets has a nice feature to notify yourself if something has changed, but every person who wants to be notified must add a notification for themselves. With a simple script, you can send notifications to people of your choosing.

In this example, I've written a script to send an email when 1 or more rows are added.

Get started.Go to the sheetFind a cell in the sheet that wont ever be over-written.Enter the value of the current total number of rows in the sheet.Note the cell for use in your script. I used G2.Go to Tools > Script editor... Write your script. Add this script in the script editor. Change as required to meet your needs.
function check4NewLines() {

// /////////////// //////////////// ////////////////
  // /////////////// Cell to track last row …