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Remove all hyperlinks within Excel

Ever copy a webpage of data into Excel, and it brings along a bunch of hyperlinks? Of course, it isn't practical to remove each hyperlink manually. Fortunately, there are a couple of options to perform a bulk removal of hyperlinks.
Note that I'm using Excel 2007 in my examples.

OPTION 1Select the cells that contain hyperlinks.On the Home tab, in the Editing section, click the Clear drop-down arrow.Click Clear Hyperlinks. I have found in some cases that the Clear Hyperlinks option isn't available. In those cases, use option 2 below.

OPTION 2 Use the following macro: Sub NoMoreHyperlinks()

ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Delete End Sub For those of us that need a reminder on how to create macros, here's a more detailed process.
Press Alt-F8 to display the Macro dialog boxEnter a new macro name (such as "NoMoreHyperlinks") in the text box just below "Macro name:"
- This will change the Create button from an inactive to active state
- If you already have one or more …