Technorati Help with Ping

I cannot beleive that it is so difficult or I am so stupid, but I cannot seem to get to update (ping) my blog as being refreshed. I signed up about 12 days ago, yet it says that my blog has not been refreshed in about 95 days. Is this the day I first started my blog? I suppose it could be.

I added their little promo on the right nav, but that did not help. I followed their instructions for Blogger, which I already had set, but that did not help either. And of course I have tried their manual process now about a dozen times. Of course I cannot find even an email address for support.

I found something else in the FAQ section on tagging links, but I am not sure I understand how that would help either. Here's the format: <a href="" rel="tag">iPod</a>. I will try adding the rel="tag" to the link about, and I guess we will see.

In the mean time, any help would be appreciated.


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