Net Neutrality: Senator Snowe Gets It, Does Your Senator?

Jim Puzzanghera of the LA Times writes about how Olympia J. Snowe, Republican Senator from Maine actually understands the implications if we do not have a net neutraility bill. Some great insights are mentioned in this article:
  • [New] lines won't be worth much if network operators can dictate whose data flows through them — and at what speed.
  • [Snowe] fears that phone and cable executives would create an Internet class system.
"The Googles and Yahoos will take care of themselves," Snowe said. But small entrepreneurs looking to launch innovative Web services, such as YouTube, would be at the mercy of phone and cable companies, who could charge "a mighty fee" for fast content delivery, she said.
It looks like at least one more Senator is on board with Snowe, that is Byron L. Dorgan, a Democrat from North Dakota.

Have you contacted your Senator and let him or her know how their vote will affect your vote? If you are in Washington, Senator Patty Murray is still undecided. You can email her at: If you are in Oregon, Senator Gordon Smith is against Net Neutrality. You can email Senator Smith at:


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