Ethical Hacking Sam I Am

The Ethical Hacker Network runs various competitions to help grow the education of the hacker community [not be confused with unethical "crackers"]. Recently they ran Netcat in the Hat, after an old favorite Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. You do not have to be a hacker to enjoy and appreciate the humor behind it. Here is an exert from the instructions:
The data stood still,
And the packets did stay
Sitting there in the N.O.C.
All that cold, cold wet day.

Our connection went down
When the phone lines were cut
By some dude with a backhoe,
Gold tooth and beer gut.

Far worse was that we
Quite nearly were through
With a large data transfer
Straight from Kalamazoo


Three winners were announced. This is from the Creative Category:
That Netcat in the Hat he'd showed us his tricks, he'd showed us the what and the what makes it ticks.
He'd given us knowledge, he'd given us plans, but he'd left us the work, that tall feline man.

Well, Netcat had packed up,
he'd indeed taken off,
but he'd left us two gifts
like furballs, which up he had coughed.

These things I had heard of,
though indeed never used.
Thing One was dd,
and netcat was Thing Two.


Next time you have to learn something technical, instead of the dry, bland books we are so used to, try something more creative from the Ethical Hacker Network and Dr. Seuss.


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