Don't Get Caught in the Zune Hype

Microsoft just released their new Zune player -- will it be a hit? My bet is no, and here is why.
  1. The software is difficult to install; it has crashed for many people.
  2. Does not support Microsoft's PlaysForSure music platform, including Windows Media Player.
  3. Therefore, you cannot play music you bought from other stores that used the PlaysForSure music platform.
  4. Microsoft closed their music store and opened a new one specific to Zune (Zune Marketplace).
  5. To buy music, you need to buy points from Microsoft in $5.00 increments. Each song is 79 points, which is about $0.99. So you will loan Microsoft $4.00 (or more), each time you buy more points.
  6. Yet another DRM in isolation.
  7. Supports video, but there is video available from Microsoft's Zune Marketplace store yet.
  8. Does not support podcasting.
  9. Paying Universal an undisclosed sum for each unit sold since all users are pirating music.
  10. Wireless only works between 2 Zunes with DRM music. Does not allow you to sync with your PC or Xbox over your own network.
  11. When sharing a song between Zunes, you must stop what ever is playing.
  12. You can only share DRM'd music.
  13. You can only share the music one time.
  14. Does not work with Vista.
  15. Too big to use when at the gym.
David Ewalt wrote a good article on why the Zune Stinks. So with all that, will some folks still buy it? Yes. The unknowing person will buy it, just to be disappointed later. If you want to learn more about the Zune, try Zune Scene. But if you buy it, remember, I warned you.


Anonymous said…
If you can't tell the difference in design, features and quality between a zune and the iPod-you should definitely get a zune. Afterwards, drive home in your Yugo, take off your leisure suit, put up your feet on that crack-a-lacken Naugahyde couch and crank up those bontempi slow-jams.

Yes, get yourself a zune-I insist.

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