Another Internet Explorer ActiveX Vulnerability

Microsoft and Secunia reported another ActiveX bug yesterday. Just by visiting a website or viewing email in html mode can provide the means for malicious code to be executed on your computer. Microsoft recommends keeping your virus scanner up-to-date [of course you should] and to use safe browsing habits.

The safest way to browse is to use Firefox or another non-Internet Explorer / ActiveX supporting browser. Microsoft provides directions on how to browse safer using their products. I highly recommend that you follow this if you want to continue using Internet Explorer. Here is a brief explanation:
  1. Set your Internet Zone security to High
  2. When you trust a site, add it to the Trusted Zone. Microsoft recommends you run the Trusted zone at Medium security -- if you do, you will have problems on some sites. You need to move it at least to Medium-Low.
  3. Read all email in plain text (not HTML).
So you have to ask yourself, do you want to manually manage your browsing security like this or run a safer browser like Firefox?


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