This is my second run at having my own blog, but this time I am at a different place. This morning I got tired of just posting new found sites and knowledge to Deli.cio.us and possibly sharing some comments with co-worker -- It's time to find others that share my passion.

I am in the process of going through all the podcasts from SXSW, and today listened to a panel on "Bootstrapping Your Digital Convergence Business." There were several good points made, such as there are typically two (or more) people behind every bootstapped business. Examples included Apple and Oracle. And perhaps a more valuable point was that of innovation seems to occur more often when you are spend ing your own money instead of a VCs money. Taking this idea a step further, when you have VC money, you need to answer to the VC, while when it's your own money, you (should) be answer to those customers who will pay you for a product.

Prior to going through the SXSW podcasts, I had listened to Web 2.0, which is released through IT Conversations. I had taken a few notes, and was working my way through them when I found the Web 2.0 wiki. There is a wealth of information contained here -- just click on the people link (on the right nav), and then start clicking through each of the names.


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