Add a new Download Action in Firefox

Recently I was asked how to add a new Download Action to Firefox. In other words, how can I get Firefox to always use the same program and open a file from the web without having to save it first each time. I scratched my head for a minute and then thought, "this is easy, just click Tools | Options, and then the Content tab." I found out I could only manage them here, not add.

After being perplex for a while, I realized it is actually very easy. Download the file type (e.g. PowerPoint), select the Open with radio button, select the application you want to open it with, and (here's the hard part) check the box next to Do this automatically for files like this from now on.
Now you can go back to the Content tab in the Options menu if you want to remove or change the file association.
Ahh, such an easy solution to any easy problem.


The Butlers said…
I accidentally checked this box when I didn't want to. It is not listed in the Downloads section you mention. How can I tell firefox to stop automatically downloading a particular extension?
Chris Todd said…
Look at the last image on this blog post... you can remove the association in the Tools | Options | Content area.
Unknown said…
This is all good except in the case where FireFox mistook *.mpp (Microsoft Project) for a regular text file. MPP is not among one of the file type thus I can't change its action. Help!
Chris Todd said…
Victor: You don't have the option to select what program and you do not find the file extension within Tools | Options | Content?

Then try just right-clicking and save the file; open it after it has been downloaded.
Anonymous said…
I downloaded a tif file and associated it with Picasa. When I follow your steps I get a reference to QTIF but no TIF and it doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

Why do they not have this functionality in the browser or have an extension that does this? GRRRR
Anonymous said…
But what if you only have a few file types listed? My window only lists TIFF and PNG, but I really want to change the handling of PDFs. How do I get PDF listed there so I can change the default program?? (I've already changed the system default, and that works just fine when opening from the Finder.)
Anonymous said…
Im trying to get firefox to automatically "save to disc" a .rar file. But I dont seem to have that option. How can i get Firefox to add a .rar extention to the manage files menu?

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