The TWiT Netcast Network

I have been listening to podcasts for years now, and the one that continues to stay on top is TWiT (This Week in Tech), the flagship show for the TWiT Netcast Network. Created by tech legend Leo Laporte, the TWiT network contains many wonderful technology podcasts for those of us who enjoy technology so much. (Go to Wikipedia to learn some TWiT history.)

You can read Leo's bio yourself to get a sense of where he's been or read what Wikipedia has to say about Leo. Many of us remember him from the days of the Screen Savers and TechTV. Leo is well balanced between having a deep technology understanding and understanding that main stream technology (i.e. computers, cellphones, and the like) is too difficult for the average person. [BTW: he also hosts a technology help show, The Tech Guy, every Saturday and Sunday.]

So what is TWiT and why do so many people enjoy the show? Well, it is Leo and his tech friends discussing the latest in technology news. You can get opinions on new technologies, tech mergers, and government and technology, among other interesting tech topics. If you have time for only one tech show, this is the one. Leo has the connections when it comes to his friends in tech too.

To begin with, there are regulars including John C. Dvorak ( and Cranky Geeks), Patrick Norton (DL.TV), and Wil Harris. You can also find other experts such as Robert Heron (DL.TV and PC Mag) and Kevin Rose ( And he has some great co-hosts on other TWiT podcasts,including Steve Gibson (Security Now and and Amber McArthur (Net@Night, Call for Help, and CommandN).

If you want to do some tech research on your own or follow along the show, you can checkout the TWiT site. For the most part, show numbers are used as tags, so it is easy to follow up on anything discussed during a show.

If you're new to podcasting, go to TWiT.TV and listen to a few shows right online. Once you're hooked, download your own podcatcher such as iTunes or Juice, and have your favorite podcasts delivered directly to your computer.


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