More Tunes on the Internet

In September 2006, and again in April 2007, I wrote about great, free music on the Internet. Well, I recently discovered some additional sources. My latest discoveries are SeeqPod Music and The Hype Machine / Hype Radio.

Hype Machine follows music blogs discussions while Hype Radio streams songs listed in the blogs. Hype Machine also provides easy links to buy the music via iTunes or Perhaps the best feature is the RSS feed. The feed send down the current song being played, which you can save and play locally. I did encounter a few that failed.

If you don't want to receive the RSS feed, and perhaps just checkout the music, you can also listen from your browser, vis-à-vis Hype Radio. To get a song played, it has to be mentioned by a blogger that is signed up with Hype Machine.

SeeqPod is a search engine specific to audio and video on the Internet. When you first reach the site, you can click on one of the scrolling search results (from other searchers called PodCrawler), or search yourself. Once you search, you get a split screen, where you can push results into a playlist for listening.

SeeqPod also provides you with the source URL (though copy-and-paste doesn't work because it is a Flash interface), and the ability to embed, or share the URL. In addition, if you are signed in, you can save your playlist. The Options link provides you with links to the lyrics, tour dates, ring tones, and more. Finally, if you click the television, you can see related YouTube videos.

Both of these provide ways to discover new music. Try Hype Machine for more modern music and SeeqPod for a sample of everything. And both sites seem to push the envelope for fair use, either through providing direct downloads to copyrighted music or links to copyrighted music.


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