Solving the Firefox Memory Leak Problems

Thanks to Digg, I found a very interesting blog from Jesse Ruderman, Indistinguishable from Jesse. Jesse has a great post on how you can help in the effort to remove memory leaks in Firefox. Of course not all of us have the skills that Jesse and others working on Firefox have, but he indicates there are other things we can do to help.
If you're a Firefox user, an easy way to help is to browse with a trunk nightly build wrapped in a script that calls when Firefox exits. If it reports that documents or windows leaked, try to figure out how to reproduce the leak and then file a bug report.
In addition to coverage on Firefox, Jesse has assemble a wealth of useful information in the 4 years of writing his blog. For example, he has a link to his links, a list of 43 things he wants to do, and a humor list. So if you're looking to learn more about Firefox or just looking for a good blog, give Indistinguishable from Jesse a look.


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