10 July, 2008

Microsoft Update + ZoneAlarm = No Internet Access

With the last Microsoft patch this past Tuesday, if you were a user of ZoneAlarm, you were no longer able to access the Internet. I happen to be one of those users. I could get to my router, but not the Internet. Other devices on my network, of course, also were able to access the Internet. When I finally discovered that ZoneAlarm was the problem, I found a reference on the ZoneAlarm site. Apparently the patch was fixing quite a serious flaw in Internet addressing.
"You'd have the Internet, but it wouldn't be the Internet you expect. (Hackers) would control everything."
- Securosis analyst Rich Mogul
I find it funny that fixing the flaw caused ZoneAlarm problems. Anyway, if you're finding this post, then you were not affected or you have solved the problem.

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Viking said...

Hi, I'm just spreading the word that there is a fix available!


James Grant
Check Point (ZoneAlarm team)