Increase IIS on XP Maximum Connections

With increasingly more complex web pages, I found myself running into a limit in the number of IIS connections allowed for the constrained web server on Windows XP. By default Microsoft has limited the connections to 10. Even when I changed the time to release connections down to 5 minutes, I was still running into problems. With a little Google searching, I found a solution (here, here, and here).

Apparently the hard-coded limitation Microsoft has set is 40 connections. The trick is determining how to raise the level from 10 to 40. There's a script, adsutil, that can do this for you.
  1. Go to the Command Prompt and navigate to C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts.
  2. Enter "adsutil set w3svc/MaxConnections 40".
  3. If you get an error message, "This script does not work with WScript," click OK and click Yes to make Cscript as the default script for VBscript.
  4. When this completes, go back to the Command Prompt and press F3 (repeats last command) and Enter.
  5. If you were successful, the command should return "MaxConnections: 40".
  6. Stop and start IIS. You can do this as the same Command Prompt by entering "iisreset".
I suspect there may be a Registery equivalent setting, but this did the trick for me. If you don't need IIS to begin with, perhaps a better solution would be to load Apache. Microsoft Visual Web Developer may also be a solution, though I haven't spent much time with it myself.


CHRISdotTODD said…
I have continued to have some issues with IIS crashing from time-to-time.

Microsoft has a utility that will spill a log file when IIS crashes (, but it was of little help. Crashing while trying to load .GIFs and .JPGs.

I turned logging off in IIS, and this also bought me some performance, but still I experience some issues.

I've concluded that if I'm going to continue to use/support classic ASP, then developing is going to require me to either have and test my files on a server (connect to Windows Server 2003 or 2008) or replace my XP OS with Windows Server 03/08.

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