Analyze your computer and reveal software keys

I've been using Belarc Advisor, a free personal tool for analyzing your Windows computer, for some time now. It will provide a detailed analysis of several items:
  • Installed hardware
  • Installed software and version number
  • Windows Updates, and indicate if any are missing
  • Checks for virus protection and last scan
  • Software keys
  • Software usage (frequency)
  • User accounts and last login
What I like best is that it reports the software keys of my installed software. While it doesn't appear to grab all software keys on my personal computer, it lists all of them from my work computer including Microsoft, Adobe, Corel and TechSmith.

I recently used it before rebuilding my Dad's computer. In addition to being certain to have his software license keys, I was able to also view what programs he hadn't used in sometime -- therefore I didn't reinstall them.

Considering adding more RAM to your PC? Instead of taking the cover off to do a visual inspection, use Belarc Advisor to identify how much RAM you currently have installed and what SIMM slots are used/free.

Checkout Belarc Advisor yourself and keep it in your toolkit for those times when you're doing maintenance on your machine or a friend or family members' computer.


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