23 May, 2011

Reset Chumby One

I had a recent issue with my Chumby, and I couldn't get it back on the network. It took me two steps to get it working again: resetting the Chumby and then manually reconfiguring the network information. Here's how to do a Chumby One Reset:
  1. Power off (disconnect power).
  2. Press and hold the touch-screen with your finger.
  3. A message appears, telling you to continue to hold if you want to get to the Special Options. Continue to hold -- it takes a while.
  4. When you finally reach Special Options, release your finger.
  5. Select Restore Factory Settings.
  6. Confirm OK.


johnynrockers said...

I often visited your site this before also and I always enjoyed reading all your share as it's always refreshing and there is always something new to know here. Great job dude..

CHRISdotTODD said...

Thanks Johny! With a recent job change, I haven't been able to post like I'd like.