Eurogames for iOS / mobile devices

For the past several years I've started playing Eurogames. Eurogames are board games that are much more strategic in nature than the games we grew up with. Basically they require significantly more skill than luck. It's a great alternative to sitting in front of a computer by yourself playing a game.

More recently there have been apps created that work just like the board games, and making setup and cleanup much easier. Most of these games have options to play against online opponents, pass-around mode, and a built-in AI. (Yes it puts you back on an electronic device, but you can do it in the living room or other public place.) I've enjoyed a few of these apps as they offer multiple benefits:
  • Ability to practice strategies
  • Usually faster than waiting on each person to take their turn
  • You don't have to wait for a convenient time to gather enough players
  • You can stop in the middle and resume later
These have been my favorites
  • Le Havre: Played on iPad 2 and iPhone 5.
    (The iPhone UI is quite small; I suggest you first learn the UI on the iPad.)
  • Tigris & Euphrates: Played on iPad 2 and iPhone 5.
  • Stone Age: iPhone version only; played on iPad 2 and iPhone 5.
Other games I've tried
  • Puerto Rico: From the makers of Le Havre and Tigris & Euphrates. I found this game to be more difficult. It's possible I'm just not as good at this game, but also the UI isn't near as good as Le Havre and Tigris & Euphrates. Note, this is only available for iPad.
  • Caylus: This maybe the same as Puerto Rico, where perhaps I'm not as a good of player, but I haven't found myself playing Caylus as much. Caylus is available for both the iPhone and iPad.
  • The Settlers of Catan: This is the premier gateway game to all Eurogames. This is a fine game, I just found it a bit slow on the iPhone. It is supposed to be available for the iPad as well, though I haven't tried as of yet.
  • Ticket to Ride: This is also an entry level game to Eurogames. The iPhone app is quite good, I just happen to like the more advanced Europgames. It is also supposed to be available for the iPad.
On my list to try
  • Small World: Good Eurogame; available for the iPad.
  • Carcasson: Never played the board game, though looks good. At $10, it's the most expensive of the iOS games I've seen so far.
Please leave a comment with your favorite mobile games.


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