Favorite Podcasts

It's been a year since I've posted, and only once in 2015... how time flies! I was sharing with a friend my favorite podcasts and thought I could share here.

  • Daily Tech News Show (DTNS) -- I've been following the host, Tom Merritt for 10 years. He's excellent. If you only have time for 1 podcast, this is the one.
  • Serial -- Spin-off from This American Life (below). There have been 2 seasons. Each is a story. I would highly recommend listening to both seasons. 
  • This American Life -- Big variety; some better than others. The host Ira Glass is excellent. 
  • TWiT -- This is a network of Podcasts. The quality varies. The founder, Leo Leporte should be recognized as the person who pushed podcasts to be more mainstream. I've been to their studios in Petaluma, CA. Try these:
    • This Week in Tech. This was the original show that started the network.
    • Tech News Today. Started by Tom Merritt (DTNS).
    • The Tech Guy. Syndication of Leo's radio show.
    • Security Now. Deep technical -- if you like this stuff, the host Steve Gibson is the best.
    • Triangulation. Interviews with current experts in the tech field.
    • there are several more, too.
  • The Vertical Podcast with Woj. If you like basketball, Woj is highly respected NBA writer. Not the best radio voice, but well worth the time.
    [** I currently work for Yahoo, where Adrian Wojnarowski is also employed, though our jobs are unrelated.]


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