Do You RSS?

I wonder how popular is RSS? Does the average person now know what RSS is? And if so, do they use it? I have been using Feedreader for some time now, and I like the preview of headlines that appear in the lower-right corner of my screen every hour. Occasionally, I even read the articles associated with the headlines.

I have had trouble matching up my interests -- finding feeds on topics of interest -- as well as making the time to read them. I find my self most often reading the headlines while I am waiting for another process on my machine, and therefore my computer is slow to respond to reach the details to read. I find that I tend to follow technical related topics more than other items, but I wonder if my adoption would be even higher if it was even closer to the work I do.

I hear surprisingly a lot that managers in my organization do not want to go to a website to get status on a project or to get data -- they want it fed to them via email or even worse, invite them to a meeting. Yet when I think about my own email box, the last thing I want is to add more messages, and of course I do not want another meeting if I can help it. So I was thinking that perhaps we could use RSS to notify managers and others of new reports available and new information on a project.

I also was thinking that it could be used on a support site tied to knowledgebase entries. If you had a different feed for each product, then you could get RSS updates each time a new support article is added or updated. Then you could even write an article to notify users of a newly released patch. And this leads me back to the adoption question -- how many people are using RSS?

Do you use RSS for your own edification? Does your organization use RSS? I would be curious to hear.


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