Net Neutrality: More Controversy

The Net Neutrality bills are not fairing well in congress, but states are still pushing. Anne Broache published an article today, "State governments push for Net neutrality laws," that talks about the push by New York and California for the feds to adopt a net neutrality law. It is great to see states step up where the feds have failed us. I have been pretty worried that this would be one more thing that the average consumer was going to lose out on. seems to be following this rather closely, with a special website covering the issues, including some videos.

I found an opinion piece by Cory Doctorow, published in Information Week that does a good job telling how folks will lose out if there is no protection from the bandwidth providers. This is a great quote from Cory, " It's a dumb idea to put the plumbers who laid a pipe in charge of who gets to use it." And he concludes with, "This is the start of the network neutrality fight, not the end of it. Whether you're a geek, an entrepreneur, a wonk, or a mere user, there's a place for you in the trenches."

If you have not already, it is time to let your congressional representatives know how you feel about this, and how you expect them to vote if they want any chance of being re-elected. If you need help on how to go about doing this, go to, and they can help.


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