Firefox 3, Beta 5 -- WAIT

If you are a regular reader, you know I am a big Firefox fan. I just wanted to let folks who didn't know that Firefox is soon to release their next version, Firefox 3. Further, they are on their 5th beta right now, so I know they are close. With that though, a simple reminder: wait for others before you install any new or beta release on your primary or main computer. As much as we might want to new features and functions, it's rarely worth the risk of causing a real headache by happening to have the one machine that the software runs into trouble with.

If you want to learn about what new features are waiting for you in Firefox 3, there are several sites that have posted reviews of the beta releases. Laptop Magazine posted an article on Friday and they talk about the following features:
  • Star button
  • One-click site info
  • Improved OS integration
  • Tags
  • Resumable downloads
Matt Asay of CNet also posted a brief statement on beta 5, and despite the typical bugs of a beta, he's claims in the post title that its already better than Internet Explorer.

Finally, ZNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes says it's the fastest browser yet.

So read these posts or search Google to hear the latest about Firefox 3, but remember to wait for others to use it before you install it on your primary machine.


TG said…
i just read about that too in a mag. P. brought home. I'm so excited about it. :D theres also supposed to be a new Trillian ... i bet you would know right where to find that info ;) you rock.

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