Easily change the default program for a specific file type in Windows XP

I recently found that my Word and Excel files were associated with another program and I wanted to change them back. Windows XP as with prior versions of Windows allows you to do this through Explorer, but it's time consuming and easy to do wrong. Here's the quick and easy way to associate a file type with an application.
  1. Right-click on a file of the file type (e.g. "My-Word.doc")
  2. Click Open With...
  3. Click Choose Program... (last option in the list)
  4. Choose Select the program from a list and click OK
  5. Select the program you want associated to the file type
    If you don't find the application program you're looking for, click Browse... and locate the programs .exe file
  6. Click the box next to Always use the selected program to open this kind of file
  7. Click OK
This opens the file in the program you chose and the icon of the file will change to the programs icon.


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