My top Firefox Add-ons

I was reading Webware's Seth Rosenblatt's post, Futzing with features: Firefox add-ons in 2008, and it made me think about the Add-ons in Firefox that I use on a daily basis. Here my top 10, in ranked in order of value to me:
  1. RoboForm: More than an Add-on, more like a toolbar in itself, RoboForm stores all my passwords. If I could only have 1 Add-on, this one would be it. Read my blog post from January 14, 2007, to learn about the powerful features of RoboForm.
  2. NoScript: When visiting a new site, you never know what you might find. NoScript allows me to view the site first without Javascript, first -- letting me decide whether I want scripts to run or not. This is definately a tedious way to surf; on the otherhand my browser and desktop are much more secure, too.
  3. IE Tab: Sometimes you just have to look at a page using Internet Explorer -- for those times, I use IE Tab.
  4. Download Statusbar: With download status bar, I don't have to bother with a pop-up window everytime I download, instead I have a small icon in my status bar.
  5. Tiny Menu: This Add-on allowed me to combine toolbars, freeing up some real estate. With Tiny Menu I went from 5 toolbars to 3 without giving up any functionality.
  6. TwitterFox: Without TwitterFox, I wouldn't be using Twitter.
  7. FoxClocks: So I can easily tell what time it is in Tokyo (and other parts of the world).
  8. Delicious Bookmarks: Another toolbar. Without Delicious Bookmarks, I wouldn't be using delicious.
  9. Forecastfox: Let's me see the current weather and forcast right from my Status bar.
  10. Web Developer: A menu and toolbar with various web developer tools.
When I look at this list, it is the top 5 that keep me from switching from Firefox to another browser such as Chrome or Safari. What features keeps you on your favorite browser?


S Hornby said…
Two "Must-Have" Add-ons that should be listed:

DownThemAll and AdBlock Plus.

If you download files larger than about 100MB on a regular basis, you should RUN, not walk, to Mozilla plugins and install DownThemAll. I use it on a daily basis. It's free, and better than a lot of payware.

DownThemAll pulls down files using multiple socket connections. Each stream downloads from a different offset within the file and typically increases download speed by 5x or more.

The same concept is used to resume broken downloads. It shows zoopy cool dynamic statistics on download status too.

AdBlock Plus is a fantastic way to easily black-list all the annoying adverts without disabling your browsing experience. NoScript is very powerful, but requires a lot of care and feeding (and clicking, and un-blocking).

I'll have to take a look a RoboForm, BTW!

-S Hornby

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