Thunderbird SMTP failure

I recently added a new email account to my Thunderbird client, and it failed in sending email (SMTP), though it did receive (pop3). I double and triple checked my configuration; I deleted and recreated the account; nothing seemed to work. I had two other SMTP accounts defined, and they never had the problem.

Finally I found a reference (sorry I don't remember what website) that suggested trying to delete all my saved passwords. Sure enough, that did it. Even though when I had recreated the account I was challenged for password input on the first time, it had still failed. Also, I had copied and pasted the password from an alternate source, so I didn't make a typo. Some how the storage for passwords, just for the single account, was corrupt.

If you use Thunderbird on Windows, to delete your passwords go to:
  • Tools >> Options
  • Click Privacy
  • Click the Password tab
  • Click Edit Saved Password
  • Either click Remove All OR select the ones you want to delete and click Remove
  • Click Close and click OK
That seemed to work for me.


Unknown said…

This also worked for me. Even though it would request keep requesting a new password, it would not work until I deleted all the password.
Jorge Diaz said…
Thanks a lot. I was going nuts!!!

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