Use Verizon and everyone will think you're from Canada

I've been using Verizon FIOS for about a year, and up until recently I've been happy. Unfortunately, recently my ip address (which Verizon assigns to my router) changed and now it appears I'm coming from Toronto, Canada. In fact if I run a Trace Route, it says I'm coming from Toronto, Canada as it's taking 21 hops and traveling over 2100 miles within the Verizon network before they release me onto the Internet.

11.183xo-gateway140.239.191.1Rowland Heights, CA, United States
27.517ip65-47-242-9.z242-47-65.customer.algx.net65.47.242.9Culver City, CA, United States, , United States, , United States, , United States, , United States, , United States, , United States, , United States
1035.497130.81.19.83130.81.19.83, , United States
1164.54P11-0.LCR-02.PTLDOR.verizon-gni.net130.81.28.163, , United States
1238.023P12-0.LCR-01.PTLDOR.verizon-gni.net130.81.27.172, , United States
21N/, Ontario, Canada

I've called Tech Support twice, and they can't help me. The last time I was told that changes have been submitted, but it takes time to propagate throughout the Internet. In the mean time, I am unable to get into a specific email account because they block non-US ip addresses.

As much as I don't care for Comcast, at this point I cannot recommend Verizon. If this goes on to much longer, I'm going to have to cancel my service -- there must be a clause in my agreement to get out early for failure to deliver service.


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