Create an Outlook Template

Do you find yourself having to send the same message over and over again? With Outlook Templates you can save yourself from having to recreate the same message. Further, it can help to make sure your messages are consistent. It's actually quite easy to do.

Create the Template
  1. Start with a new blank message.
  2. Write the message.
  3. Add a subject. (optional)
  4. Add recipients if you like. (optional)
  5. Select Office Button >> Save As...
  6. Change the Save as Type to Outlook Template (*.oft).
  7. Name the file and click Save.
Use the Template
  1. Go to Tools >> Forms >> Choose Form...
  2. From the Look In drop-down, select User Templates in File System.
  3. Select your template and click Open.
  4. Make any last minute changes, add/remove recipients and Send.


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