CNET Is Full of Tech Content

I recently started listening to Buzz Out Loud, a podcast from CNET. It is a daily podcast that reviews tech news -- I am going to replace Slashdot Review with this, as I am tired of the errors from Slashdot Review, and there are now too many commercials. Anyway, back to my original point... Buzz Out Loud, hoasted by Molly Wood, Tom Merritt, and Veronica Belmont is just one of many offerings from CNET.

I discovered today that they introduced CNET TV a several months back, and there appears to be some good content to help beginner and intermediate Internet users. These are small in length too, 3 - 5 minutes in most cases. Here are some programs to view:
And if that is not enough, CNET also offer free online course in subjects such as Home PC, Home Entertainment, and Digital Camera & Design. Now I have not taken any of these courses yet, but they do appear to be worth the time investment. For example, the Plan Your Home Network course is led by Andrew Kantor. Andrew writes about technology for USA Today, The Roanoke Times and is a former editor for PC Magazine and Internet World. With experts like this, I can only imagine the content will be good. I will add that CNET does recommend textbooks that are not free; but they are not the same as you would pay for in a college course. the same Plan Your Home Network course recommends Home Networking Demystified for $17.

So if that is not enough, CNET is also the owner of too. If you have not checked them out lately, give them a visit.


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