Security Ignorance

Are you still using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)? If so, then you are what I call security ignorant. eWeek recently published two articles on how Firefox adoption has slowed down and that it will be more difficult for Firefox to grow further. (See "Internet Explorer Loses More Ground to Firefox" and "Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 Is No Slam-Dunk".) Their argument is based on usability, and that Microsoft will release IE 7 as part of a security update. Hmm... that should be a clue right there.

Perhaps Firefox is not familiar as Internet Explorer; perhaps Firefox does not display all of your websites the same as Internet Explorer. I say, so what -- security, which includes your privacy, are more important than having to learn a new browser. And if your favorite website looks different or does not work right -- tell the web master and/or find a new favorite site. I have been using Firefox for some time now, I other than visiting for some Windows updates, I do not need Internet Explorer.

Back to the security issues. As I mentioned, Microsoft will release IE 7 as a security update. This implies that you should not be running IE6, as it has security problems. eWeek ("Internet Explorer Security Problems Multiply") reported May 1st that Microsoft has not corrected about 25% of the bugs in IE and "More than 40 percent of those advisories are serious enough to be used in system compromise attacks." So why are you still running IE? If you do not like Firefox, try Opera or Netscape -- just quit knowingly using Internet Explorer because it is more comfortable. Still not convinces? Did you know that in March a third-party actually released a patch for IE because Microsoft was too slow to respond?

Security ignorant? You should not be any more -- maybe now if you are still using IE, you are just stupid. Hey, how about you send me your credit card number, and while you are at it, let me give you a list of email addresses, so you can send them a special message for me.


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