Do PDF Better Than Adobe

If you are like me, you get very irritated by the time it takes to open a PDF file. And once open, Adobe is asking you to update to a new version. Worse, if you do not have the original CD (e.g. your IT department installed it), then once all the files are downloaded, the update fails. Oh, and did I mention that Adobe thinks it is okay to run all the time and consume some of your processing power while sending information about you back to them?

FoxIt Reader is a great replacement. It's fast, it does not nag me, and I do not have to worry about someone stealing my processing power or my privacy.

Do you still need to create PDFs? There is a better solution for that too... Try CutePDF Writer or PDF Creator. Both work like a printer driver, but instead of printing out your document, it prompts you for a file name.


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