Firefox Extensions: Time and Weather

I found two new Firefox Extensions that are real practical, FoxClocks and Forecastfox Enhanced. During this time of year, the weather changes frequently, and what may be freezing on the west side of the city may be above freezing on the south side. With Forecastfox Enhanced, I can get a look at the forecast and weather radar for myself.

Forecastfox Enhanced gets its weather feed from You can run Forecastfox Enhanced in several different ways including in the browser status bar or in a toolbar. When displayed, you can configure it to give you more detailed information by simply hovering over the top of the forecast. It also quickly shows you an updated weather report automatically each time it is updated (time between updates is adjustable).

If you're like me, I work with folks from all over the world. I had been using a Yahoo Widget to track the time in various locations, but it was not configurable to meet my needs. Using FoxClocks, I can configure the cities and/or countries that I want to know the current time for, and and can display it in several different ways within Firefox. FoxClocks can also be configured for each clock to be a different color or even have a clock change colors based on the time.

While I'm on the subject of Firefox Extensions, here's one that I didn't care for: Google Browser Sync. The idea was right -- keep the bookmarks of 2 or more browsers in sync. In practices, my two main PCs, work and home, do not need to share bookmarks -- if they do, I can save it in; there's even an Extension for that. Further, every time I was not connected to the Internet, it would prompt me to re-login. What a pain. Why couldn't it quietly wait in the background until next time?


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