iPod Nano + Brandon Roy = iRoy

Unless you follow the NBA or are a native to the Portland area, it's likely you did not hear about this creative promotion. The Portland Trailblazers went the extra mile, err extra $15,000, to promote their star guard Brandon Roy in hopes of getting him selected into the NBA All-Star Game.

The Blazers sent all Western Conference coaches, who vote for the All-Star reserves, an iPod Nano that was customized to be all Brandon Roy. Seeing how this was such a cool, new idea, they also sent out several to the national media (even though they didn't have a vote).

Here's what the "iRoy" consisted of:
  • 8 GB silver video iPod Nano
  • #7 Brandon Roy, Special All-Star Edition etched on the back
  • An "iRoy" cover that slides over the usual packaging
  • A picture of Brandon Roy over the iPod video screen that must be removed before the initial use
  • Complete iRoy instructions
  • Preloaded highlights and coaches testimonials of Brandon Roy

I know some of the media felt compelled to send it back due to the price -- it may be interpreted as compensation for favorable media -- but what a great promotional idea. If an All-Star voting coach was struggling over his picks (and there are many good choices in the Western Conference), this is a great way to remind them of how well this second-year player is doing. And with only 75 of these distributed, if Brandon Roy turns out to be the career All-Star that he's started with, these iRoys could be worth something to collectors.

By the way, Brandon Roy was selected by the coaches to be on the All-Star team. Go Blazers!


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