Firefox - Safe For Work Web Pages and Referral Control

I found a couple of new Firefox extensions; the first is used to indicate whether a link on a web page is safe for work (SFW) or no (NSFW). You simple hover over a link on a web page and in the lower-right of your browser you will see SFW, NSFW, or Unrated. If you're on an existing web page, you can send your own rating; the extension uses user votes to determine SFW or NSFW. Go to No-NSFW to get this extension for yourself.

I found another, not so useful Firefox extension, RefControl. With RefControl you can change the referral page in your browser. As you may or may not know, when you visit a web page, it gets various information from your browser, including the page you were on previously. With refControl, you can change this to be what ever page you want it to be. In fact there are multiple options:
  • Normal - send the referrer as it would normally be sent without interference from RefControl.
  • Block - send no referrer to this site.
  • Forge - send the root of the site as the referrer. In the above screenshot, all pages from will use as the referrer.
  • Custom - type in any string and RefControl will use that as the referrer. You can use variables in this string (see the RefControl website).


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