Follow Roz Savage as she rows across the Pacific

Not many folks try to row across an ocean; Roz Savage has already rowed across the Atlantic, and Sunday morning she left from the San Fransisco Bay to row across the Pacific. You might ask, "What does this have to do with technology?" Well, Roz is keeping us all informed of her progress using technology.

If you visit Roz's website, you can follower her through a tracking console that shows her current location and where she's been. This includes a date-time stamp of her last report, her speed and course, and her latitude and longitude. Perhaps that's not for you... also on her site is daily blog posts.
For others, well you can track her Twitter feed, subscribe to text alerts on your phone, or listen to her podcasts (look for it to show on TWiT.TV -- the first recording happened today).

Now you know why I posted this on a tech blog. And if that's not enough, get a look at her boat, it looks pretty hi-tech too.


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