Bill Gates Highlights

With May being Bill Gates last month at Microsoft, posted an article with a chronological view of his life. Did you know that at 13, Gates was acting his shoes size? Seriously though, at 13, along with Paul Allen, Gates worked out an agreement with Computer Center Corp to report software bugs in exchange for computer time. This was after spending his schools annual budget for computer time in a matter of weeks.

Here's a couple other highlights:
January 1977
Gates takes a leave of absence from Harvard and establishes Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico,...
On several occasions, Gates' secretary enters the Microsoft building to find him crumpled on the floor, asleep.
August 28, 1980
Gates signs a contract with IBM, agreeing to develop software for the PC.
November 10, 1983
Windows debuts.
August 1, 1989
Microsoft Office debuts.
August 24, 1995
Microsoft introduces Internet Explorer.
June 15, 2006
Gates announces his retirement from day-to-day activities at Microsoft, his role to be phased out over the course of two years.
Despite the many things we dislike about Microsoft and Bill Gates, he has brought a lot to the computer industry. Bill Gates showed us how being a super-geek can be a good, profitable thing, too. I wonder what the Gates-less future for Microsoft holds?


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