Firefox 3 Stable and Good-To-Go

As with all updates, I always recommend waiting before updating your main computer. The recent problems with Windows XP SP3 is a good example (and here) of why you should wait. Well its been a little over two weeks since Firefox 3 has been released, and it looks like it has worked for the most part without any significant problems.

I have now installed and ran it successfully on my work laptop and home desktop. What I was most pleasantly surprised about is my custom toolbars (using TinyMenu) stayed intact for all but one item which was easy to add back in. As you might of expected, not all my plug-ins worked though.

In the case of RoboForm, Firebug, and the Digg toolbar, it required some manual download and install. For the following though, no additional work was required -- they continued to work:
  • toolbar
  • TwitterFox
  • Download Statusbar
  • BugMeNot
  • Forecastfox
  • FoxClocks
  • IE Tab
  • No Script
  • PicLens
  • Read it Later
  • Web Developer
The following no longer work:
  • TinyURL
  • NSFW
  • AutoCopy
Needless to say, I am pretty pleased with Firefox 3, and it has been rock-solid. I would say if you haven't upgraded yet, it's now safe to go ahead.

While I am on the subject of Firefox and plug-ins (add-ons), here's ablog post that lists 30+ Must Have Updated Firefox Extensions. Have fun creating your own customized Firefox.


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