Keep your iTunes library synchronized

If you're like me, you have multiple sources of audio, and getting them all into one iTunes is a problem. Sure if you're ripping a new CD, iTunes makes it easy; but if you're merging existing digital collections, it can be very time consuming and error prone. No longer is this a problem with the iTunes Library Updater (iTLU).

You can run iTLU through a GUI or from a console (which allows scripting). The following features are supported with iTLU:
  • Adding new music or video clips to the iTunes library
  • Removing entries from the iTunes library that point to non-existing files
  • Synchronizing the iTunes library with one or multiple directories
  • Updating iTunes track information with meta information out of the media files (for example ID3 tags in case of MP3 files)
  • Updating your iPod (initiates a synchronization)

iTLU appears to be only available for Windows, but is completely free and comes with a short manual in English and German. If you want to clean up your iTunes, this is a utility that worked great for me.


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