You're not a geek if you don't drink Starbucks and Mt. Dew

Starbucks has a new site for ideas and voting ala Digg -- My Starbucks Ideas. I'm not sure where this will go with Starbucks in the long-run, but its a great attempt at gathering direct customer feedback.
I also like that Starbucks outsourced this through instead of building themselves. I think it is still much too common for organizations to think that they can develop something better and cheaper than what they can buy or borrow. Starbucks needs to continue making good coffee and having great marketing; IT and web development does not need to be a core competency.

Of course Mt. Dew has had a website for as long as I can remember, though I haven't spent much time checking it out. [I do recall many years ago as part of a going-away party for a colleague, I searched for Mt. Dew sites on the Internet, and found many, many of them.] Mt. Dew is in the middle of it's own contest to encourage customer interaction.
hosts this current contest, which has progressed to have come up with three new Dew flavors. [The first step included playing games, which are still available.] The next task is for the Dew customers to use Dew promo tools to determine the final flavor winner. Will it be SuperNova (Strawberry Melon Lime with a Ginseng tremor), Voltage (Raspberry Citrus with a closing burst of Ginseng), or Revolution (Wild Berry fruit flavor with a Ginseng boost) Dew?
So whether you're into coffee or soda, the geek brands are inviting their customers to connect with new Internet tools.

Mt. Dew Glow-Stick

Mountain Dew Glows!!!! Mountain Dew Light Hack!!!


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