Fun with Firefox 3

Here's a few fun easter eggs in Firefox. In the "awesome" address bar, try entering each of these:
  • about:robots
  • about:mozilla

And here are a few Firefox plug-ins to make your browsing a bit easier:
  • For those that prefer the Firefox 2 address bar, try the Oldbar plug-in.
  • Save a step of having to arrow or mouse down to the first item in the awesome bar, install the Enter Selects 3 plug-in.
  • Aging Tabs will continually darken the color of tabs the as time passes since you last viewed the particular tab.
  • Instead of reopening a closed tab using History, you can accomplish the same task with a button using Undo Closed Tabs Button plug-in.
  • Firefox Showcase let's you view thumbnails of all your tabs in a single window.


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