Sync Your Outlook Contacts and Calendar to Your Droid

As nice of a phone as the Droid is, its Outlook integration is not yet up to what you can accomplish with the iPhone. Previously I blogged about how to get your Outlook email onto your Droid, as the instructions that come with the Droid are not clear. The rest of this post will tell you how to sync your Calendar (events) and Contacts between your Droid and Outlook.

It takes three things to make this work.
  1. Compatible version of Outlook: Outlook 2003 or 2007 on Win XP (32-bit only) and Vista.
  2. Gmail account: You should already have this, since it's required for the Droid.
  3. Google Calendar Sync application: The Google Calendar Sync program will sync your calendar and contacts between your Outlook account and your Gmail account -- your Droid can interact with your Gmail account. Download this from Google onto your computer that's running Outlook.
Once you've downloaded the Google Calendar Sync program, install it. Just a few simple steps, and you'll have your Contacts and Calendar on you Droid.
  1. Accept the Terms of Service.
  2. Enter your Gmail account credentials (username and password)
  3. Select the sync option you want.
    • 2-way: Sync from Outlook to Google/Gmail and Google/Gmail to Outlook.
    • 1-way: Sync from Outlook to Google/Gmail.
    • 1-way: Sync from Google/Gmail to Outlook.
  4. Select the sync frequency: minimum time frame is 10 minutes.
That's all there is too it. Now any time your computer is running (and the sync program is running), the the accounts will sync based on the setting choice.

Notes and Tips.
  1. Google Calendar Sync should start every time you start your computer -- running in your Taskbar. If not, put an application shortcut in your Startup folder.
  2. Only pop-up reminders will be synced. Google/Gmail Calendar SMS and email reminders will not sync.
  3. Only your primary Google/Gmail Calendar and default Outlook Calendar will sync.
  4. All Calendar events are synced. There is no way to configure a specific time-frame.
Still want more information? has information posted by Google.


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